In The Frame: Cas Kerssens Cas Kerssens - Photographer at Eyeforce

In The Frame: an in-depth series where Eyeforce asks their talents burning questions about their recent work. They discuss the intricacies, the magic, the good and the bad. Let’s get the B-Roll...

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Eyeforce is growing its photography roster by welcoming Vivian Camphuijsen and Maeve Stam to their team of talent Vivian Camphuijsen and Maeve Stam

Film and photography production company Eyeforce signs Vivian Camphuijsen and Maeve Stam. The two talents will be expanding the artistic roster with an impressive repertoire of work. Head of the...

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Bringing Light to Life: New Perspectives on Light Design in Film

Coco Seignette sits down with director Jerom Fischer to discuss the release of three special film and light projects

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3 essentials for action sports cinematography

Film techniques, working with athletes & extreme conditions

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Shooting sports cinematography with a Cineflex technology

Cineflex: the pinnacle of action sports cinematography

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