ALEX REVERS - Eyeforce



Alex brings a cinematic style to story-driven formats, with a high end stylised flavour. He is result oriented, with a drive to share an authentic story that moves him, as well as the audience. As a mere spectator, he takes control of the narrative by fully immersing himself in the character’s world, letting them shine and unravel their journey. His directing style cannot be compartmentalized. Rather, he thrives in unpredictability that challenges his storytelling to be two steps ahead. Mastering the art of malleability in filmmaking, he does not shy away to go off the book to preserve the essence and identity of the film. As a result, his work translates the sense of authenticity, edginess and adventure, grounded in the elements of cinematic realism. His motto is to make the impossible possible.

Ecco Heritage

First 100 Hours

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Ziggo Sport

Ronald Koeman: Wembley

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