Alex Revers is a serial killer when it comes to serial content. He has directed a wide variety of TV shows, branded content series and human interest stories. Alex brings a cinematic style to story-driven formats, and gets his kick from delivering high value productions.

He was a student at the ‘BNN Academy’ before he became a director at some of their top shows. After 5 years of working for TV stations, Alex wanted to change the game and bring a new style of storytelling. He joined Eyeforce, and started creating formats directly for brands. During this time he developed series for brands like Red Bull, Corona and the Dutch Ministry of Defence.

Alex has a secret affair with documentary photography and recently held his first exhibition in which his photos were auctioned for a good cause. In the Dutch wintertime, Alex spends his days in Cape Town, teaching disadvantaged children from the slums of Cape Town the art of TV making for ‘Project I AM’.




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