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“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”

From inception to completion, we believe that the best things are done by people who love what they do.

We produce TV-commercials, branded content, series, documentaries and feature films, with a particular affinity for adventure, sports, travel, music and inspirational lifestyle. It’s a world in which our own roots as individuals run deep, giving us the unique insight and intuition to speak the same language as our clients and to shape your vision into powerful, purpose-driven content.

Our team consists of international directors, cameramen, editors and producers – making us ‘lean and mean’ when we need to be. Imagination doesn’t have a price – it’s our state of mind. We think big, even on small budgets, and enjoy working with niche emerging brands, as well as with leading global clients like Red Bull, KLM, Parley, Adidas and Corona.

Each project is an artistic collaboration with a client, and we share in celebrating the success of our work which includes a Golden Lion (Cannes 2018) among other awards, screenings at over twenty film festivals around the world, as well as Vimeo Staff Picks.

Based out of Amsterdam and Cape Town, Eyeforce has international reach, and the experience to offer complete campaign roll-outs. Our expertise includes the delivery of a variety of assets for social media and we equally advise our clients on how to raise their profile on these critical platforms.

Passion underpins every project we take on to present our clients to the world with maximum impact, crafting key visuals that leave your audience with goose bumps and lasting impressions.

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