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Rocycle - Get Fired Up

Get Fired Up

Rocycle - Get Fired Up is a personal story of Iman Whitfield re-enacted by dancer Faedan McCall. She explains and visualizes how she makes sure she is the best version of herself. Every single day. Inspiring you to take a different route every once in a while. Pushing yourself to do something that scares the shit out of you. To get out of your comfort zone. A film that matches Rocycle's mission to inspire you to live life to its fullest.

Creative Direction: Iman Whitfield, Studio Whitfield
Photography: Federico Rosa
Director: Iman Whitfield
Dop: Jasper de Kloet
First Assistant / Focus Puller: Lars Inhulsen
Music: Djalma Lameirinhas
Edit: Jits Vlaar, 'Since 88
Voice over: Rowen Aida
Sound design: Sounds Right Studios
Grading: Erik, De Grot
Cast: Feadan McCall, Michael Foru
Special Thanks to: Luca Shakison