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Petite Noir - La Maison Noir Trailer

La Maison Noir Trailer

La Maison Noir, the gift and the curse. In collaboration with Red Bull Music and The Noirwave, the introspective visual album journeys through the formative stages of artist Yannick Illunga’s life with reference to the four elements of fire, earth, water and air. Evoking themes of resistance, migration and women’s rights, the four-part visual EP is peppered with imagery in reference to the four sections of the Congolese cosmogram (Kala, Tukula, Luvemba and Masoni), each of which serve to illustrate various aspects of life.

Production agency: ICONIC
Director: Timothy Weyer & Rharha Nembhard
Stylist/art director: Gabrielle Kannemeyer
Director of photography: Deon Van Zyl
Focus puller: Matthew Macdonald
Phantom operator: Karl Schmidt
Drone operator: Nick Burton-Moore
Producers: Keane Balt & Kirby Kruger
Offline editors: Andrew Kirkby & Alex Fyn
Online editor & Sound design: Timothy Weyer
Colourist: Kyle Stroebel @ THE REFINERY
Photographer: Tyrone Bradley