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Diesel - Ha(u)te Couture

Ha(u)te Couture

As a response to victims of negativity and criticism on social media, DIESEL - Ha(u)te Couture is a campaign that stands for owning, wearing, and embracing whatever people say about you. Whatever you do online, there is always somebody ready to criticize. And when hit by unjustified (online) hate, most of us take a step back. But hiding and feeling bad about it is not going to help anyone.

- The more hate you wear, the less you care.

Creative Direction: Studio Whitfield
Director: Iman Whitfield
Dop: Jasper de Kloet
Assistant / Focus Puller: Lars Inhulsen
Production: Marieke Scherjon, Sticky Stuff
Styling: Diesel
Edit: Jits Vlaar, 'Since 88
Music: Djalma Lameirinhas
Sound Design: Joep Meijburg, Ambassadors Studio
Voice Over: Sophie Merrel
Grading: Joppo, De Grot
Casting: Annelotte Hakvoort
Subtitles: Iman Whitfield, Jits Vlaar
Cast: Kay Nambiar, Diorno Braaf, Loiza Lamers, Sophie May, Bob Wisse