Between San And Insanity - Eyeforce

Between San And Insanity

Between San and Insanity

The tale of how one big wave surfer disconnected from the digital world to reconnect with
himself by spending time with one of the oldest communities in the world Frank Solomon is a professional big wave surfer, passionate environmentalist and humanitarian.

The Capetonian has lived most of his life outdoors actively living out his dreams. Hard
lockdowns due to the global pandemic forced him inside and ever more into the digital realm.
Way out of his comfort zone he – like so many others – relied on screen time for work, play,
socialisation and even sourcing food. It became his survival tool and it nearly killed his spirit.
Something had to be done...He had to regain his senses and sense of self.

To do this, Frank disconnects from all manner of screens and goes in search of ancient wisdom.
The film takes us West on a journey deep into the heart of Namibia where Frank connects with
the oldest indigenous community on earth, the San people. Frank lives with them for an
extended period of time, immersing himself in their ancient ways of life. Without modern
communication gadgets, tents or even basic necessities such as food and water, the viewer is
there for every authentic experience as he hunts, eats and lives with them.

It’s tough and hugely frustrating at times, with very stark realities and realisations, but therein lie
the lessons and ultimately, for Frank the reason why he travelled so far: The experience has
helped him regain his senses and his connection to nature... In escaping the noise of the
modern world and its multitude of screens, he learned how the San have been living for
thousands of years without leaving a footprint. He learned what it means to really be living.


Production: Eyeforce
Director: Arthur Neumeier
Cinematography: Jared Paisley & Arthur Neumeier
Executive Producer: Patricia Simon
Producer/Translator: Kerry Jones
Edit: Tim Weyer
Sound Mix & Colorgrading: Tim Weyer
Sound Technician: Joshua Yon
1st AC (CPT): Kevin Schnider
Production Manager (CPT): Jessica Lawson
Cast: Frank Solomon, Nyae Nyae Conservancy, Ju|'hoan Traditional Authority

Client: Corona
Agency: King James
Creatives: Nobantu Sibeko, Harry Mackenzie, Graeme Jenner
Agency Producer: Joshua Michael