Through celebrating the sub-culture of Panstula, the project AYASHISA AMATEKKIE shines a light on how the dance brings forward a positive change in the younger generation. As second-generation pantsulas become evangelists and elder statesmen of the culture, a younger set of dancers is joining the fray—and bringing change with them.

The project also highlights how a community and the spirit of Ubuntu plays a vital role in defining greatness for the youth of South African. As the culture’s footprint expands, so do the opportunities for well-paid work in the country. Now there’s a growing sense that what’s good for some can be good for all, and the pantsula scene is becoming more cohesive because of it.

With a new sound of kwaito being born, the sub-culture of Panstula is ever evolving and embraces one of South Africa's more decorated sub-cultures.

Directed by: Raphadu Maphoto
Written by: Oratile Morotolo x Raphadu Maphoto
Producer: Bathandwa Ngwendu
DOP: Raphadu Maphoto
Music: Khanya Jokazi
Edit & Grading: Raphadu Maphoto