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Stijn Waterman


Stijn Waterman’s visual world is limitless. With a background as a CGI specialist, he knows how to marry the real and surreal world. He can imagine stories that live beyond reality, and applies his expertise to every part of the production process.

At the post-production studio ’The Ambassadors’ Stijn gained a lot of experience in working with Visual FX for global clients. He was involved with commercials for brands like EA sports, Turkish airlines and Holland Casino, and also worked on feature films.

With a drive to expand his skill set, he started working at Eyeforce, where he mastered the art of editing for clients like Wetransfer. He also got the chance to direct his first films for Valhalla and Tomorrowland.

Fascinated by storytelling, Stijn’s spiritual journey ignited a career switch to focus solely on directing. He developed a signature style with a strong sense for art direction and carefully crafted compositions.

He directed the commercial ‘Tajness’ for hotel chain Taj, one of the most elegant hotel chains around, in which he showed that reality can be beautiful too.



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